Monday, 16 January 2017

The Promise of Spring

Hi my wonderful Readers!
I just love it when Sanda invites us to her magical worlds on paper... You will absolutely love today's art journal spread - so organic and so beautifully hihlighting my new Art Alchemy Waxes and Sparks paints... I'm sure this dreamy collage will inspire you to create!
Hello, you, dear friends and a very Happy New Year to each and everyone!
In the depths of a dark Winter’s day, a seed is planted, not more than a grain, but it grows fearlessly, having faith in the promise of the coming Spring…  

Thus, our dreams and aspirations are blossoming from tiny whispered thoughts that soar until they become perfect and beautiful blooms. This is what I wish for all of you this year, my friends, pursue your creative dreams and follow your path, not with fear, but hope in your hearts!

My word for 2017 is HOPE so I decided to create a journal page that encapsulates this feeling, with the green leaves’ symbolism meaning exactly hope and renewal and revival…
I started the page by applying a generous coat of Heavy White Gesso and while wet I added some texture using a sponge. After drying the page I applied more gesso and using a palette knife I added more texture.
Dried everything again and then I spread some Light Paste and when it was just dry to the touch I stamped into it with a background stamp from the Old Town stamp set. I absolutely love this stamp set!
Separately I stamped and heat embossed a real leaf (I gelli printed with a while ago) using “Read to me” clear stamp.
Going back to my page, I glued down bits of hand-painted cheese cloth and a few skeleton leaves with 3D Matte Gel and then covered the whole page with Heavy White Gesso.
When dry, I added some background stamping with clear stamps ("Read to Me" and "Bubbles").

Next, I added clusters of Art Stones and Mini Art Stones (it seems I can’t live without them! LOL) using 3D Matte Gel to adhere them. This gel is just perfect for the job, once dry, the Art Stones will stay in place forever and you can paint them to your heart’s content. :)
Ready for painting? First I sprinkled some strong black tea all over my page and dried everything with a heating tool.
Then I added Art Alchemy Light Patina spraying it with water to help it move. Next, I added some dark navy blue spray tilting the page in all directions to encourage some nice movement.

When my page was dry, using a sponge and heavy white gesso I highlighted all the texture, keeping the sponge as flat as possible, parallel with the paper, to catch only the raised bits.
I glued down the leaf with 3D Matte Gel cleaning the excess with a paper towel.
And now, my friends, prepare to be amazed by the Finnabair’s new art babies!!! Truly spectacular!
To enhance the skeleton leaves and the texture on the page I started applying the NEW Art Alchemy Waxes (I used here some of the Antique Brilliance and Opal Magic ones) as well as the Art Alchemy Sparks. Just let me tell you, they are FABULOUS!!! As I was telling some of my friends the other day, I just can’t keep my hands out of the jars! LOL
They dry permanent, very easy to work with and the colours are luscious! And, on top of that, the waxes are deliciously scented! :) What can a mixed media girl wish for more?
I know all Finn’s products are gorgeous but wait till you see these ones! Very, very special indeed!
When I finished with all the painting, I covered the big leaf with a layer of Clear Crackle Paste and left it to dry overnight.
Next morning, off camera I enhanced the crackles with Art Alchemy Metallique Wax – Rich Copper and added few tiny Mechanicals Star Brads and the words.
And there you have it! Done!

Here is my video where you can watch my creative process. Enjoy and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by my new project.

Have a wonderful day and a fantastic and creative 2017

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Friday, 13 January 2017

Dreaming in Rust

Hello Friends!
Our superbly talented Marta created a new art project that will take your breath away - yet again. :)
This is just a perfect combination of delicate color accents and rough Rust Paste textures.
And there's a video as well so you too can try out Martha's inspiring ideas - we hope you will!
Hello there! For my first Creative Team project in 2017, I've prepared for you a mixed media journal cover - a new year, a new journal just waiting to be filled. :)

My cover is a combination of romantic, vintage and a bit messy as I just love to mix different styles, textures and colors!
When I got Finnabair Mixed Media Journal into my hands, I had thousands of ideas running in my mind... How to decorate the cover to make it really mine?
I've decided to use some nice metal embellishments - and I decided I wanted them all to be rusty. That's why I chose some rusty Mechanicals Gears and Washers, they have such beautiful colors and texture...

To top the whole look and make it even more of a rusty heaven, I decided to add some Rust Effect Paste to make my journal look like a really old, rusty junkyard finding.
Does it look convincing to you? ;)
To add a touch of elegance and to break the rusty look a little, I decided to incorporate some blue and gold accents.
To do that, I used blue Lindy's Stamp Gang spray and some gold Art Alchemy paint.
I also used the gold paint to stamp some patterns and blue embossing powder to create some interesting accents in the background.

When you watch my video tutorial below, you will quickly spot that part of my cover creations are... Finnabair's stamps packages.
I simply can't help it - I just love their colors, rounded corners, and thin black frame.  :)

Enjoy my step by step video tutorial!

I hope you like rusty elements as much as I do - thanks to Rust Effect Paste we can add some rust in a clean and fast way. :)

Happy creating!

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Homecoming: Finding My Flow

Hi, my dear Creative Souls.
A few months ago, I mentioned in one of my blog posts that creating certain kinds of projects, ones you make" just for yourself" feels like coming back home. How great it is to take all the time you need to think about the emotions, meanings and elements you want to include - especially when there is a lot happening in your head and you seriously need to listen to your inner voice.
This project, is no different, but...
... It was sitting in my mind for weeks, bugging me and waiting for me to start it, find the time to let out the story that appeared in my imagination. And I was fighting with it, seriously!
"Vortex" - mixed-media collage on canvas (20x60 cm - 8x 24'')

I was trying to push it back as there were many "urgent" and "important" matters, projects, plans and other excuses (as always)... but what I realised - it was not going away. In fact, the more I was pushing it back and away the more it was jumping right into my face, demanding attention. It was a pain to focus and create something else, as deep inside I new I really wanted to work on something else. Do you know what I want to say? I'm sure you do!

Procrastination is something all creative people have to deal with. My life is a constant battle between a need to be on-time, orgasnised and efficient (not my nature at all!) in order to have important things done and my need to let my thoughts roam free, working on a bunch of things at one time and binge sleeping, reading and creating. Usually, my responsibility and motivation is the winner - I'm pushing myself to the limits and somehow, everything clicks in place, but this time it was not working.

One evening I took a deep breath, put my fingers on gel and gesso and all the findings and pieces which were sitting on my table for weeks. Then everything fell into it's right place.
For few evenings, bit by bit, I was building the collage which was filled with my raw emotion, having the liberating feeling of going back to my roots and things I loved the most. I had the best time, real creative flow filled with trying new ideas, supplies and simply following my heart. What a relief it was!  Surprisingly (or not?) once it was finished all my creative blocks were gone and my head was buzzing with ideas.
Why was I waiting for so long to simply let go?
I guess being too thigh and too down to earth didn't serve me well when it comes to my creativity.

Note to self: less thinking, more breathing (and creating).
Inhale. Exhale... and warm hugs to you all!


I promised to pick 3 winners of our Art Alchemy Wax Giveaway. 
It was a hard job indeed, as you left so many beautiful comments, filling my days with joy. I'm so happy and proud to see you like my new product so much and to hear all the creative ideas you come with. 
After a longer debate we finally picked our winners - but if I only could I'd give prizes to all of you!

Set of Metallique Waxes goes to Ellen Dematos
Set of Opal Magic Waxes goes to Anna Nowicka
and set of Antique Brilliance Waxes goes to Mel.

Please contact us at: with your address to claim your prizes!
Thank you again for joining the giveaway and all the support.
You make it all worthwhile.
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