Monday, 27 April 2015

Mr Time

Hello, dear Friends!
Today we meet with Monika and her amazing new gentleman friend. ;)
A true feast of color and texture!

I felt inspired to reach for another canvas in my latest creation.
All this because of an old photo of a certain gentleman in a bowler hat and a vintage clock face that I found among my treasures.
Somehow these two objects made me think about Pink Floyd's 'Time' song so I put the music on and let my imagination run wild... :)

I applied a thick layer of White Crackle Paste straight onto my canvas, I dried it and added another layer.

I wanted to try something new so the moment the crackles started to show up, I took some of them off with a palette knife. Then, I applied Modeling Paste, dried it and added a thin layer of Heavy White Gesso.
This way I created some really rich textures that were going to play the main role in my project this time.

Although this time I decided to focus on the texture, I couldn't resist adding some lovely embelishments:
bits from a vintage book, a metal plate, some Mechanicals cut into pieces, found elements from my stash... I also added some paper tape and delicately painted my composition with White Gesso.

Now it was time to have fun with colors!
Delicious Silks paints in Teal Zircon and Apricot Nectar, Glimmer Mists in Jack O'Lantern and Lemongrass, a few drops of white and black acrylic paint and... some strong coffee.

I used Messy stamp and one of the stamps from Old Town set in some places and finally added my new friend in a bowler hat. I hope you give him a warm welcome. ;)

Sending you lots of hugs,

Materials used:

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Tea & Memories

Hello my lovely art Friends!
I have a sentimental layout for you today - a photo that takes me back to a wonderful creative photo shoot from some years ago and a memory from the 'Inky Memories' classes that I used to teach.
So many precious moments....

The idea was to create a grungy romantic feel to the page.
Curious fact?
My main supply here was... tea. :) Everything here (apart from the black areas) was either painted, splashed or sprayed with strong tea infusion. Works just like a watercolor and can help you to create this unique vintage atmosphere.

Unfortunately, this workshop is no longer available but I have a lot of inspiring new ideas for you! :)
Just take a look at the list of my new live classes.

Materials used:

I hope you're having a wonderful creative weekend!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Outside The Box

Hello, Dear Friends!
Today we have Rebecca sharing a very simple technique that will allow you to achieve some really spectacular effects.
So don't be shy - especially all of you, beginners, reading this! :) Spread your wings and give it a go.

Hi Everyone,
Rebecca here today to share with you another upcycled op shop creation.
This month I was excited to challenge myself, my challenge was to use colours I rarely use (pink is usually my enemy), decorate with stamps, paint and markers only and to use NO metal of any sort (I use metal in everything!!!).
So for me this was a tough personal challenge but I never back down from a challenge, especially one I set myself. Super happy with the outcome and now my daughter has a lovely wooden box to keep all her treasures in. 

View from the front....

View from the back....

Below you will see what this box previously looked like, it was sad, very very sad. Although sad, it definitely had potential. Like many things I salvage, a little love was in order. 

To begin my project I gave the entire box both inside and out a coat of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso (not pictured, sorry!).
The vibrant colour comes from a combination of two Golden paints, Teal and Quinacridone Magenta. I applied the slightly watered down paint very randomly, allowing to blend and bleed in places. Going back after it had dried and adding more colour in places here and there, there was no science to this application, very much completely random. 

While my paint was drying I took two sets of Prima Cling Stamps (Rust & Dust and Don't Forget to Fly) and using black archival ink I stamped onto white tissue paper.
I stamped one sheet for my box lid with butterflies and circles and two long strips to wrap around my box edge with the bubbles stamp.

Flipping my tissue paper over I coloured the back in sections with Sharpie pens. 

Now the fun begins... To apply the paper to the box I used Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel. This was quite a delicate operation so go gently. Apply a base coat of Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel, pat down tissue paper and then apply a top coat of Soft Gloss Gel. 
Once completely dried, I outlined all edges, circles and butterflies with a black PITT pen and smudged with my finger.

The stamped wording you can see was added after the first layer of tissue paper.
I stamped all my wording onto another tissue paper, and again applied the same way with Soft Gloss Gel. 
To finish I gave the bottom of the box, inside and under the lid a coat of lovely Art Basic Heavy Black Gesso (not pictured).

Many thanks for looking, I wish you all a fabulous and creative day.

Materials used: