Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dreams do come true!

Hi again my dear friends!
Dreams do come true, it is a fact. You need to believe, wait, and work hard to make them happen, but in the end the reward is sweet.
I was a dreamer all my life - following our dream about quiet life in the beautiful place we've moved to Ireland, following a dream to see the big world I started teaching international classes and finally, following the dream to inspire people and have a chance to make a difference - I decided to be full time artist, teacher and product designer... it all happened because I decided to let go, be brave and work as much as I could to pursue my goal.

I was lucky to be surrounded by supportive, loving people - which helped a lot. I wouldn't make it without my Andrew, my friends, my family. They were having my back when I was unsure, tired or simple exhausted. They were ready to give me a hand or push me, if I really needed that.
... but if someone will tell you that living your dream is easy - don't trust in these words.There's always a price to pay. The question is - if you are ready to pay it?

Some of you already know that some of my big dreams came true already: I've got my own  product line which makes it easier for me to help people create, and inspire them to play. In December we could tick off one more thing off the list: we've moved to an old country house with a garden and enough space for me, my passion and my friends too :)

Here is a small peek at it - in a way I'm thrilled to have a house with a name (Innisfail - which may be translated as "Island of Destiny" - if this is wrong then I hope someone will correct me) and live in a very quiet neighbourhood, away from crowds and big cities.
If you'd like to see a bit more - we've decided to set up an Instagram account which will be much more private, home, family and countryside focused - you can find it here @innisfail_house. Enjoy!

One of my biggest dreams was to have a space I could call a Studio - real one, made to my taste, filled with my projects and inspiring supplies. With plenty of space to sit together with friends, chat, relax and create. This dream is also getting real now - some of you know that we've moved to the new house in mid-December and now, the moment I'm writing these words 3 guys are working on the conversion of our garage into Finn Studio - and I hope the final result will be exactly as I pictured it!

So far, we've got THAT far - keep your fingers crossed!

And talking about dreams... there is one more big dream I can tick off the list - a few months ago one of my projects was published on the cover of beautiful magazine - Somerset Studio. I was so happy and shocked in one that I couldn't believe my eyes... and now the story happened again, but this time it is not only the cover - check it out!

I have my Artist Profile coming in the March-April issue of Somerset Studio. I'm in heaven, this is all I can say... Thank you again guys for making that possible. It is all thanks to you. Always.

Sending warmest hugs to you all and see you soon!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Face To Face

Dear Friends!
I'm so happy to announce that the long awaited Art Alchemy acrylic paints have finally arrived in our store along with other new art babies of mine! I'm beyond excited as this means more people will start presenting their artworks created with my products and I simply cannot wait to see them all! :)

I hope you will feel inspired with today's incredible art project created by Gayle. Enjoy!

Hello lovely Finnabair friends. This month I have had so much fun. I have a new art journal and it is going to be my “face journal" - as I’m sure by now you all know how obsessed I am with “faces”… I love them and this journal will only have faces in it.
I also am so fortunate to have Finnabair’s new Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints. They are beautiful! They come in the most glorious colours, flow on so smoothly and, as if that’s not enough, they perform “magic”.

I was curious to see whether I could do an image transfer onto a “dimpled” textured, very shiny art journal cover. The answer is “yes”. :)

This is what I did:
No.1 Black, shiny, textured art journal.
No.2 After being coated with Art Basics Heavy White Gesso. I gave it 3 coats of gesso, making sure it was very dry between each coat. I was unsure if an image transfer would work on this surface so wanted to make sure it had a good “chalky” surface of gesso with plenty of “tooth” to pick up and hold the ink from the image.

No.3 Using Soft Matte Gel to apply the image.
No.4 After drying the image very well, remove the surface paper with a baby wipe.

No.5 Once all paper is removed and image is clean and dry, give it a coat of Clear Gesso to seal it.
No.6 Paint eyes and mouth with acrylic paints.

No.7 I am going to apply a number of chipboard and metal embellishments to the cover, so I traced around them where they will be, before adding some background colour.
No.8 I’ve used Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical powder for the colour.

No.9 Now the real fun part. Adding texture around where my metal embellishments will be using Modeling Paste. Applying it, then running through it with one of Finnabair’s new Texture Brushes. These are just the best, so much fun to create interest, texture and movement on your pages and the bonus is you get a beautiful bristle brush on the other end!
No.10 I used a heat tool to dry the Modeling Paste and then stuck down all the metal, mostly Finnabair Mechanicals, and chipboard pieces with 3D Matte Gel.

No.11 Using Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint I’ve painted over the textured surface and all the metal and chipboards. This paint works beautifully over the top of metal... no need to gesso first.
No.12 To add a little more, but different texture, I’ve applied Soft Matte Gel in some areas and just sprinkled on Finnabair’s new Art Stones. These are very light and adhere beautifully to the gel and create a delicate, raised textured surface.

No.13 Here you can see the white areas where the Art Stones have been applied.
No.14 Finally, using the amazing Art Alchemy Green-Gold Opal Magic acrylic paint and a dry brush technique (where you actually remove most of the paint off your brush by wiping it on a paper towel) I have gone over the metal, the textured Modelling Paste and the Art Stones.
This paint becomes a rich, shimmery gold when applied to a dark surface… magic!

No.15 White chipboard letters.
No.16 Stamped with a Finnabair Checkered clear stamp using black Archival ink.
No.17 Painting the letters with Opal Magic Acrylic Paint where the black squares change colour to become a deep, metallic violet… magic and so much fun. It is truly like being a child again and getting excited, watching these paints change colour depending on if they are on a dark or light background.

Here are some details:

Thank you for looking today. I hope you get to experience the fun and creative possibilities that Finnabair’s beautiful new acrylic paints offer.

Materials used:

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Inspired by Art Alchemy and Art Stones - a bit of Magic!

Hi there!
You can't even imagine how many things is going on in one time now - but let me tell you more about that in my next blogpost, during this weekend! I've just come back from Frankfurt and my most important goal is to get organised and finally settled... but it looks like the task is not easy!

In the meantime - I've got some videos for you - and a big treat - Finnabair Creative Team Art Recipe on Prima blog. 

All the beautiful projects you can see below were inspired by romantic and sweet colour palette and set of new products: Art Alchemy Paints and new Art Ingredients - Art Stones and Mini art Stones. You can learn more about these new, exciting products from short videos I've made for Scrapbook Expo during Winter CHA in Aneheim this year.

Check out more info and creative tips on Prima Blog - here!

So, let me tell you more about the products, which were the inspiration for these amazing projects...

What are Art Stones?
These little guys are white, light-weight, tiny stones which change your acrylic paints, gesso or Art Basics gels and pastes into customized products. You can simply add to the base of your choice, mix and apply on the project with a palette knife, texture tool, sponge or brush - and this custom mix dries quickly, adding great coarse texture effect. You can also glue it directly to the project using any of our Art Basics as an adhesive, if you prefer. Texture Powder is also a member of this family:White, delicate texture powder which will change your acrylic paints, gesso or Art Basics gels and pastes into customized products such as texture pastes or dimensional, coarse paints!

Here is the video with some ideas - check it out!

My next art babies are beautiful, shiny Art Alchemy acrylic paints, which come in 2 variations:
Metallique and Opal Magic.

Both of them are great quality acrylic paints. Metallique line is rich in color and shimmer and permanent after drying. Great for artistic and decorative use - giving really good coverage, working more like glaze if applied as a thin coat and giving full colour if applied in thicker layer.

Art Alchemy Opal Magic Paints are a bit of real magic in the jar!
This great quality, unique two-tone iridescent effect acrylic paint, is changing tone from different angles - which gives you amazing different effects on dark and light backgrounds... check out this video for more info!

Would you like to see more of the colour combinations? Our lovely CT Memeber, Gayle, published this photo on her Instagram account :) Amazing, huh?

Make sure you will come back here on Friday to see next amazing tutorial by my Creative Team - and if you'd like to be up to date with everything you can follow me on my official FB page too!
sending warmest hugs

Monday, 8 February 2016

Wheel of Fortune

Hello, dear Friends!
I hope you're having a great Monday and that you're beginning the week with new creative powers! :)
You can always count on my Team to make your creative juices flow.
Today it's time for Olga's breathtaking visual poetry! Enjoy...

Time is a loop. The story of one man influences the life of another. And the wheel of fortune makes them look either into the abyss or into the stars. These thoughts and the new amazing collection from Finnabair were my inspiration for this piece.

As the base of my work I chose the back side of a stretched canvas panel.
To start the background I glued down some monochromatic paper with scientific patterns both inside and along the wooden frames using 3D Gel.

Then I painted the edges with Black Gesso and applied a thin and irregular coat of the mentioned medium over the paper. This step resulted in a more even look and prepared the paper for painting.
I used a sanding block to tatter the edges and smooth the surface.

Then I had the pleasure to play a bit with the amazing new Art Alchemy acrylic paints. They are shimmery and transparent while their colours are so versatile.
I used Light Patina, Rich Torquoise and Steampunk Copper which I applied with my finger to obtain a messy effect. The dark background wonderfully exposed and emphasized the properties of acrylics.

To start working on the focal arrangement, I glued portraits from a vintage photo under new Finnabair's Art Pebbles.
I used 3D Gel which dries transparent and once dried, I trimed the excess of the photo underneath.

Then I arranged the composition of gears from new Rustic collection of Mechanicals.
I have to admit that they look as if they really were changed by the passage of time...
To emphasize the focal elements I glued down a central star from Barn kit and a few Mini Stars, all of them from the latest collection.

At the bottom I fixed rusty nails and finished the piece with two screws in the corners from Mini Hardware set of Mechanicals.

To add some highlights of patina, I brushed with a light hand some gears and stars using blue shades of Art Alchemy paints.
As the final step, I splashed the canvas with tea to create interesting stains that perfectly imitate this time-worn effect that I never get enough of.
Here are some details:

Have a wonderful, artsy week!

Materials used: