Thursday, 26 March 2015

Art Recipe: Flames of Love...

Hi there lovely people!
I hope you are ready to forgive me my absence on the blog in the last days - but i have to confess that working on new classes, teaching in France (huge hugs to the wonderful group from Miramas!) and finally getting ready for Version scrap in Paris took over 90% of my life.
Today I'm back, hoping my new Art Recipe will cheer you up and make your creative juices flowing - just as it made with me! Ha!

I've mentioned many times I love to collect and buy old or interesting objects (or both!) of all kinds. Some of you know the story of two wooden rabbits (!), milk bottles and a crate or my new "adopted relatives" I found in the antique store in Glasgow. One of my big weaknesses are vintage books - especially with beautiful old illustrations, typography, handwritten notes and hard covers which make them perfect for my art journals. I love decorating them and I love creating inside of them, changing these  forgotten, unwanted pieces of paper into something new, artistic and very personal. This is the example of one of "these" books.

I loved this brown cover from the first sight and I was hoping I will find a way to show it natural beauty. Then the idea of using the "flaming heart" came to my mind and the whole process happened very quickly!

I was looking for the colours matching the color of the book and  finally combination of Art Basics Black Gesso and Silks in 2 tones of brown was the solution. To add extra aged look to it I've used Art Extravagance White Crackle Paste - and I loved the effect!

Now the book will turn into something special - the cover is waiting... I'm really tempted to use it as my next journal. Or maybe I should alter it also inside?

Here is my Art Recipe  - enjoy!

Here is the whole process - step-by-step:

1. I've taken an old book with a beautiful brown cover. I loved it so much I didn't want to change it completely - so I've just planned to alter the front of it adding this amazing heart from new Prima "Relics and Artifacts" collection by Sandra Evertson. I've started with Art Extravagance White Crackle  Paste applied with a palette knife directly on the cover. When the paste was wet I've placed the heart directly in it and left it all in a warm place to speed up the crackling process.

2. Next I took some of my Mechanicals - numbers, metal late and cog and some cute screw and nail heads from Junkyard Findings collection, I added some fabric tape to the composition and glued all the metal elements with a bit of Art Basics Modeling Paste. It's great adhesive for dimensional elements!
When the Modeling Paste was dry I've covered the heart and crackled paste with a thin coat of Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso to make it darker and prime it before painting. I dried the gesso with heating tool.

3. When my gesso was dry I started adding some derails: small pebbles, Art Ingredients Glass Beads and Micro Beads. Art Basics Soft Gels are great glues for this purpose - simply apply them in the selected places and sprinkle the beads over. After drying they will be permanent!

4. When my pebbles and beads were securely glued I added a bit more of Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso on the top of them and after a moment I was able to paint the composition with some brown metallic acrylic paint. My choices were 2 colours of Silks: Autumn Leaf and Nutmeg. I brushed them on the top of the heart, metal embellishments and crackle.

5. Final touches were done with 2 colours of Iridescent Silks: Gold and Green. They added extra light and more colour tones to my book cover. After drying I varnished the whole front of the book with a coat of Art Basics Soft Matte Gel for extra protection.

And this is it! I hope you are now inspired to visit your local antique shops of flea markets and "adopt" and old book or two... they will be grateful for changing them into art and giving them a "new life" - I'm sure!

For your convenience here are the products - all available in our Mixed Media Place Store:

I wish you all a great, creative weened - and make sure you will come back on Friday to check out next great tutorial by my amazing Creative Team!
Sending hugs!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Wine Not?

Happy Monday, Everyone!
If you observe all the amazing creations of my Team, you must know by now that Rebecca has an eye for inconspicuous objects that she turns into true works of Art!
Today she presents another stunning example of her magical altering powers. :)

Hi Everyone, 
Rebecca here with you today to share a wine box mixed media makeover.
As I have mentioned quite a few times before, I love my op shop hunting. I love taking something old and unwanted and turning it into something new and special.
When I found this box sitting on a shelf for $4, I just knew it had to come home with me, time for a little refresh, time to give it some much needed love. 

So as you can see below, the box was kind of pretty, but not really my cup of tea (or coffee usually in my case). For my style it was just a little bleh, so to begin my project I removed all the metal closures and handle and then gave the entire box a coat of Art Basic White Heavy Gesso

The colour I have chosen to paint the box is Lumiere Paint by Jacquard in Pearlescent Blue. Once the paint was completely dry, I gave the box a thin coat of Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso. Not allowing the black gesso to dry completely, once it became slightly opaque I lightly began to rub it back with a baby wipe. 

Adding a large glob of Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel to my craft mat, with a palette knife I began to work in Rust Mica Powder and Black Micro Beads. Using the palette knife I applied the 3D Gel mixture through the Prima Chicken Wire Stencil to the sides of my wine box.
Once completely dry, I shaded around my chicken wire with a Faber Castell Black PITT pen and then smudged it with my finger. 

Using 3D Matte Gel I adhered a selection of random metal and chipboard elements. You will see below earrings, can ring pulls, buttons, and various filigree metal embellishments.
Once all my embellishments were secure, I gave everything (including my fork) a coat of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso

Now the colour can come in and to create my colour I have used a number of different mediums.
I painted the embellishments first with a combination of Lumiere Pearlescent Blue and Lumiere Halo Blue Gold. I then spritzed some Mica Powder which had been pre mixed in little spritzer bottles.
The Mica colours I used include BlueGold & Rust.
Once completely dry, I then again gave another coat of Heavy Black Gesso, then rubbed it all back with a baby wipe.

Art Ingredients Micro Beads in black were adhered all around my embellishments.

Applying the black gesso did dull a little of the sparkle, and who doesn't love sparkle?
To bring back some razzle dazzle I sprinkled on some Rust and Gold Mica Powder and then spritzed with water. This was added both to the embellishments and to the box top and sides. 

To balance the top of the box I added chain, Black Micro Beads and a 'Create' Mechanical.

Thank you all for joining me here today, as always - if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Wishing you all a fabulous and creative day.

~ Rebecca ~

Materials used: